GP Services
Contraception / Sexual Health
At Rockingham Maternity & Family Practice, we have a personal involvement in all aspects of your pregnancy, and birthing at Rockingham General Hospital.

Together with obstetricians Dr Jose and Dr Ogwu, our fantastic endorsed midwives will provide comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care, from finding out you are pregnant right through to your baby's 6 week check.

We provide:

We encourage you and your partner to be actively involved in the pregnancy and birth and will work closely with you enable you to receive the care and advice you need.
We provide all the services you would expect from your traditional family doctor, including:

All consultations at Rockingham Maternity and Family Practice are completely confidential.

We will not disclose anything discussed at your consultation to a third party without your consent.
Postnatal Care
Bringing home your new bundle is both an exciting and daunting time for new parents. We will support you to help get you through this challenging new time, and to answer those inevitable questions all new parents have.

To make it easier for you in the first few weeks after the birth, our midwives will come out to you for the all important checks and weigh ins, as we know how challenging it can be to get out of the house with a newborn!

We provide:

We can usually provide same day appointments for general patients Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

If you prefer, you can also book appointments online for general services. Just click on the link on our home page!
If you are pregnant or have a new baby and you are having problems breastfeeding or need some advice, please contact us to make an appointment to see your midwife. Alternatively, our qualified Lactation Consultant Kirsty Neutert is available to see you and can offer advice regarding:

Call us on 9592 2775 for more information.
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We are a stockist for SRC products, including pregnancy shorts/leggings and recovery shorts/leggings.

Private Health Fund rebates may apply.
for more information.
for more information on Kristy and the services she can provide to you.
Trigger Point Needling

Trigger Point Needling, much like acupuncture, involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin to restore balance and encourage the body to heal itself. It is particularly effective for musculoskeletal problems and pain syndromes.

This is not just for pregnant women, but for anyone experiencing musculoskeletal problems and pain. We are currently not offering it for weight loss, fertility, or to stop smoking.

It will be performed by Dr William Barnes or Dr Ross Jose. Dr Jose, who has 30+ years as a GP and was one of the first medical practitioners in WA to train in Trigger Point Needling . He practiced for many years before moving over to obstetrics, but since he is currently having a break from RGH, he is keen to reopen his Trigger Point Needling Clinic.

COST: $10.00 per session provided you have a current Medicare Card.
            $5.00 per session provided you have a current Medicare Card and valid Concession Card.
Rockingham Rejuvenation Centre is a cosmetic centre for the everyday person and is owned and operated by our very own Dr Bryan Low.

Dr Low is a highly qualified GP, as well as having completed further study in skin and aesthetic medicine.

Rockingham Rejuvenation Centre's main focus is to provide services that are affordable to everyone, but performed in the safest of environments by appropraitely qualified and trained medical professionals.

Please take a look around their website and should you have any queries, please contact them on
9591 5717.

They are also conveniently located in the same complex as RMFP.